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Flowers’ impact on our life

Flowers have been cultivated by society members of different cultures as symbols of kindness, love, beauty, spirituality and even power. 

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Don’t Cry for the Moon: Alan Watts Advice

Pioneer of Eastern philosophy in the Western world had faith that happiness lies in the possibility of overcoming human frustrations and fears.

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Experience as Product, How Should Art Be Expressed to Reach Its Purest Form?

“Art is remitted to a separate realm, where it is cut off from that association with the materials and aims of every other form of human effort, undergoing, and achievement. If artistic and aesthetic quality is implicit in every normal experience, how shall we explain how…”

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Interview with Maria Bazarova: “Life decided everything for me”

Maria Bazarova is the perfect example of a strong and aspiring woman. She’s an artist, with a tender nostalgic appearance, who passionately believes in life and the work she’s doing. With an extraordinary art Maria Bazarova teaches us about the world.

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Today’s problem.
Tomorrow’s possibility.

  • get guidance & healing

  • gain clarity & insight

  • clear emotional blocks

  • reprogram limiting beliefs & attract success

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Dedicated to Your change

Do you ever feel like you deserve more out of life? You want to be happier, healthier, more confident, more successful, but you aren’t exactly sure where to start. Or perhaps, you just want that one thing that - your dreams and leaving your mark in the world, finding abundance, fulfillment and prosperity, never loosing hope and love to yourself and others. Yes? Then connection with your dreams, your power and overall YOURSELF! Is what you need! Imagine what it would be like to use your true potential and explore life's purpose, make all your dreams come true... Become a leader of your life! Not just some leader... But kind, honest and successful leader! What you are about to read can completely transform the way you deal with life... It will awaken your mind, heart and spirit to the truth of your leadership skills that will change your life.