Interview with Maria Bazarova: “Life decided everything for me”

Born in geographically small country Lithuania, Maria Bazarova is the perfect example of a strong and aspiring woman that never fails to impress. She’s an artist, with a tender nostalgic appearance, who passionately believes in life and the work she’s doing. With an extraordinary art Maria Bazarova teaches us about the world.

I would write on canvas with big letters just two words “Peace and Love” as a call to action
— M. Bazarova

When you first felt the love for art? Was it passion that pushed you forward and motivated to take studies in this field, or such decision was a strategic move for future career?

My passion for art manifested in the childhood. And when the teachers of the school of arts organized a small exhibition of my art, I clearly decided to associate my life with creativity! Having moved to Kiev some time later, I graduated at University with a bachelor-degree of art.

After completion of my studies it was necessary to make a living. I tried to use my talent in graphic design. In fact, that was not what I really liked to do, but since you get paid for it, why not also trying yourself in this field?

At age of 29, a turning point happened in my life. As a consequence, my life has brought me to my family house where I deeply plunged into art, books and meditation.

Life decided everything for me.


And you need to understand that the life of an artist can be very difficult sometimes, but also very interesting.
— M. Bazarova

You’re saying that life decided everything for you… Do you always leave everything in destiny’s hands? Is it pointless to go against it?

I couldn’t change anything in this special case. And I really believe that life slowly and surely led me to the path of being an artist.

But I don´t want to say that I was only sitting without moves. Pictures of life changed me. I live, learn, develop spiritually and intellectually. And the result of my development that is - fate. You can try to fight against fate of course. But in result this means that it is your fate to do this.


Speaking about career in the art field… Is it hard to keep the perfect balance between passion and money making?

Of course an artist also wants to eat and it´s difficult to live only with passion. Therefore, it´s really not easy to keep the balance between passion and earning money.


What would be your advice for those, who are dreaming about career in art?

I think that the most important thing is to make exclusive and innovative artworks, so that your art wouldn’t be a copy of other artists. And even if somebody doesn’t like your work, it doesn’t mean that you need to stop to make your kind of art. Every time there will be somebody who will not like your paintings. Because people have different tastes, this is normal. And you need to understand that the life of an artist can be very difficult sometimes, but also very interesting.

"All things are difficult before they become easy" [Saadi].

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What were your experiences in Kiev? How similar and different are Lithuania, Ukraine and the rest of the world regarding art? Where it’s appreciated the most?

When I worked as a graphic designer in Kiev I painted just for myself and not very often. I was on my way to find my own style in painting. And I cannot say that I was a complete artist at this time... Therefore I find it difficult to compare these countries in the field of art. 

I'm still on the stage of development, and time will show where my art is appreciated the most.


Your techniques differ from what we usually see. How do these ideas come to life? What does your typical creation process look like?

I experimented and tried to find my own style for about 10 years. I even have a trendy name for this style of mine... “Li-Ro” for Line & Round. 
This world is amazing and multi-faceted by the splendor of radiant emptiness. And exactly this shining light of emptiness became the basis for my current paintings, changes and a new style in my creativity.

I don’t wait a mood for making a new painting. The muse comes to me in processing. And images of people go to canvas almost themselves. Or sometimes I have an idea in my imagination, I start to paint, but in result I see another silhouette. In some moments it seems that somebody else paints with my hand. I love these moments, when even I don’t know what type of human will appear in the end.

But I have one painting with the title "Beautiful mind". Looking at the silhouette of this woman, she looks alive, ready to walk right off the canvas. In addition to her external beauty I have tried to capture her wisdom and her internal beauty and mind, this girl is my very good friend Olga.

And I have plans to paint also other real people in the future.

Untitled 14.jpg
2018-07-24 21_45_36-Original oil painting.png


Motives, or better say feelings, of emptiness are always present in your work. It’s like something is missing, but you can almost touch it… Where do these feelings come from? Is it your own life’s experiences you express or do you take moments, emotions, thoughts from the world and make astonishing art from them?

I like to hear what people feel when they look at my artworks. And I’m thankful to them for their opinion. I think that everybody sees what he (she) wants to see, and that depends from their prevailing emotions at this moment and from their life experience.

I will tell about one real story…  I showed my collection of paintings to a good woman. I was in shock when she looked at one painting and started to cry, she was feeling this painting with all her body. This painting is “Loneliness”… She said: I could look at your artworks eternally. Because every time it´s possible to see different things and to feel different emotions. And later, when she looked at my painting with the title “Clown”, she laughed instantly.

I’m very thankful for her emotions. In these moments, I understand that I do not work in vain. My art is an interconnection of my life experience and my imagination.


Another theme current in your work is people. What are the things about people that fascinate and confuse you the most?

I admire strong people. People, who stay in good mood and keep their humor no matter what happens in their lives. And I don’t like weak people.


Does being strong mean – never giving up?

Yes, exactly. We should never give up!


You admire people, create art about people… But what about communicating with them? Do you, as many artists, prefer solitude? Or do you like being social? What are your interests outside art world?

I think that I prefer solitude. But, on the other hand, it´s very easy for me to find contact with different people. So, it´s difficult to say if I really like to be alone. I live among people, and sometimes I feel the need to go somewhere and to communicate.
I am so totally in love with art, that it´s not easy to imagine having a life with other interests. I just can say that I am interested in very different types of art. For example, I like to make photos.

You can try to fight against fate of course. But in result this means that it is your fate to do this.
— M. Bazarova


“From now on, the canvas has absorbed the whole essence of human passions, images and masks, showing them in the light of our time.” What does that mean?

This seems to be a very good description of what happens to my canvas during the creation of a painting and I could not have expressed that better with my own words...


If you could make only one painting that sums-up the essence of life’s meaning? How would that painting look like?

In these days I am very concerned about what is happening in the world. And I think that I would write on canvas with big letters just two words “Peace and Love” as a call to action.


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