Book a Tarot Reading

Healing. Clarity. Insight.

In the reading we'll look at circumstances, patterns, emotional blocks. We'll look for a ways to heal and find happiness, love, success.

There are no restrictions in terms of topics or questions, but you must keep in mind the time frame that takes to answer each question.

For this reading, you can include your birth info (birth time, date and birth place) or your signs (as many of them as you know - sun, moon, etc.), and any other information you would like.

Written reading (pdf or as a message) is delivered in 2 - 4 days.

Pre-filmed reading (private youtube video) is delivered in 3-5 days.

Live readings via video chat are scheduled and accomplished within 2 weeks in a convenient time for the client.

Emergency readings can be live, pre-filmed or written. If accepted, they are delivered within 36 hours.

Book a reading via email or click "BOOK A READING"




An individual bracelet is created for healing purposes - emotional strength, success at work, attraction of love, health, etc. Bracelet can also be created according zodiac sign (sun, moon, rising, Venus, etc.).

Bracelets are made from natural stones only.

The process of purchasing:
• You order this service and I contact you to discuss your problem (please provide correct email address).
• Bracelet is created and charged with energy.

FREE international shipping included.

Size: Small, Medium, large or universal. ALL Bracelets ARE done using silicon rubber.


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