Kindness Matter Challenge (7 Day Self-Project)

Kindness Matter Project-Challenge

Kindness makes difference in your own heart and mind, and to everyone around you!

Start Kindness Matter challenge now! Make a change!


“In the end, we will all be judged by the courage of our hearts.”



Take a moment to be kind to yourself and others.

7 days to make a difference.






Love shared with the world starts within your own heart. Be brave, kind to yourself, forgive past mistakes and forgive others. Be grateful for what you have today, at this moment.

Start this challenge by writing 23 things you are grateful for. Love? Family? Talents? Silence? Snow? Song? Everything that makes you happy counts.
And smile! Today SMILE ALL DAY!
23 things that make your life fulfilling are a lot of reasons to be happy.

Even if there are bad things in your life at the moment, and no matter how hard it is. Forgive yourself and others. Think about the good things. If you have hope and kindness in your heart, the good will always outweigh the bad, and the light in your life will win.

Remember: when you create happiness around you, you get appreciation from the universe.


Summary of DAY 1 TASKS:

  • Write 23 things you are grateful for.

  • Smile all day.

  • Forgive.

  • Think about good things.




Kindness is the key. And if you love someone, tell them. Is just that simple.

Think of at least 5 people you truly love and appreciate in your life. Now meet, call, text (everything works) them and tell how you feel! Don't wait, don't hesitate. Do it now!
But this task is not the only action step for today.

Think about people that was kind to you or did something good for you. Even if it was years ago, send them a message and ask how they are doing, tell them you still appreciate and remember their kindness.

And one more...

Pay 5 compliments to 5 different people. Only honest ones! If you, for some reason, can't meet 5 different people, just go online and type nice comments.


+ Give food or just some warmth to lost animal, pet your own pet, and ALWAYS be kind to all animals and living creatures.

Summary of DAY 2 TASKS:

  • Tell people you love them.

  • Connect with 5 people (text, call, meet in person).

  • Remember people, who were kind to you. Reach out to them, if you can.

  • Pay 5 compliments to 5 different people.

  • Be kind to lost animal, or just show some love to your own pet.




What for you is a chaos, for someone else is a treasure.

Spend a few hours looking through your belongings. Find at least 23 things you don't need. They might be broken or kept "just in case".

The ones that are broken - put in the trash bin. And those that are in good condition donate.

Share with people who don't have a lot, they will appreciate your kind gesture.
Everyone will be happy.

You - peaceful with less clutter. The one you helped - glad to get something useful.

How to share? Look for less fortunate near your living place; bring things to support centers or shelters; place boxes (make them rainproof) by sidewalks, where people can easily find them; do a yard giveaway.

+ Give some food to a homeless person, if you can.

Summary of DAY 3 TASKS:

  • Find at least 23 things you don't need (get rid of what’s broken, and donate what’s in good condition).

  • Share food with those in need.




Be light for someone, who stumbles in the dark. Literally. And metaphorically.

Today spark the light for past, present and future.

Light up the candle and remember the ones, who are gone, but still loved.
And... Wish and hope that those in wrong path, would find their way into the light again.

It doesn't matter if you know them or not, just believe that everyone is good at their heart and despite bad choices can live right again.

Remember, you can't win by fighting fire with fire. Just...

"Be kind to unkind people, because they need it the most." (Ashleigh Brilliant)

Summary of DAY 4 TASKS:

  • Light up the candle and remember the ones, who are gone, but still loved.

  • Dream.

  • Hope for the best for others, who lost their light.

  • Believe in goodness of other people.




Take responsibility for making your home better.

This planet is the only home you have, don't take advantage of it.

Actions steps:


  • Don't eat meat. BE A VEGETARIAN FOR ONE DAY.

  • Don't kill trees. Use less paper. REUSE WHAT YOU HAVE.

  • Don't ignore supply chain. If you go grocery shopping, buy local and seasonal products.

+ ALWAYS avoid buying plastic bags as much as possible.
+ ALWAYS BE aware how much electrical energy you are using. Unplug. If you don't need it.
+ BE AWARE OF FAST FASHION and do your best to avoid it.

+ Don't ignore environment you are living at the moment and don't ignore your community. If you can - make it better.

Summary of DAY 5 TASKS:

  • Don't waste water, shower 5 minutes.

  • Be a vegetarian (or better, a vegan) for one day.

  • Don't use paper, or reuse what you have.

  • Don't buy plastic.

  • Don't buy new things, or clothes.

  • Unplug. Use as less electricity as you can.

  • Shop local and seasonal products.

  • Be kind to your neighbor.




Listen what people have to say and help them in their hour of need.

Support, be thoughtful and compassionate.

Even the smallest considerate things can change someone's life. Change everyone. It's kindness that can save us.


  • Listen. Be present when you are talking with someone. Ask question, be emphatic about their problems and celebrate their happiness.

  • Help someone that needs help. Doesn't matter what that help is. Someone dropped something? Pick it up. Someone needs food? Provide if you have extra. Or perhaps, someone is just feeling sad... Help by saying a pleasant word or get them a natural healer - flowers.

  • Visit someone that is lonely and feel abandoned. Young, old... Everyone needs to know that somebody cares.

  • Support a good cause or a charity (if you have the resources). One dollar or hundred. Every cent counts. Or if you don’t believe in charities, just send kind thoughts to all people.

Summary of DAY 6 TASKS:

  • Listen and be compassionate.

  • Offer your help to others.

  • Visit someone, who feels abandoned.

  • Support a good cause or send kind thoughts.



Gratitude is a positive emotion, and good things are in need to be thanked for.


I'm thanking with my whole heart to everyone who has taken and will take this challenge. Thank you! ♥



Learn to say "thank you" in another language  and say it to as many people as you can.

Ačiū, Gracias, Danke Schoen, Merci Beaucoup... Got any ideas?

What else?

Make a plan. And decision. Incorporate kindness in your everyday life. It's worth it.
Repeat this challenge. As much steps as you can. As frequent as you can. And as kind as you can.

Remember: to be kind, grateful and inspired.

Eventually, good things happen to good people.

Summary of DAY 7 TASKS:

  • Be grateful.

  • Learn to say “Thank you” in another language.

  • Incorporate kindness in your everyday life.

  • Repeat this challenge.

  • Be kind, grateful and inspired.

Start Kindness Matter Challenge NOW! And Make A CHANGE!

Your kindness matter. Your kindness makes difference.