I MAGICIAN - The Master of Manifestation and All Elements

„When we look at the Magician those of us who feel a lack or a flatness in our lives will be drawn to the wand raised towards heaven. But the real magic rests in that finger pointing to the earth," writes expert on divinatory tarot, Rachel Pollack in the tarot bible Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom: A Book of Tarot.

The Magician (also called The Magus, The Juggler, The Trickster, The Cobbler) is the ultimate master of manifestation. He understands universe, is connected to everything, but he never forgets the earth and where he came from. Magician is the first card (I) in the tarot deck. He’s connected to the Mercury planet and Virgo zodiac sign.

Rachel Pollack in Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom: A Book of Tarot conveys:

The Magician emerges very directly from the Fool in the image of the trickster-wizard. [...] He holds the wand carefully, aware of that psychic power the Fool carried so lightly on his shoulder. [...]Look at Waite’s picture of the Magician. He is not casting spells, or conjuring up demons. He simply stands with one hand raised to heaven and the other pointed to the green earth. He is a lightning rod. By opening himself up to the spirit he draws it down into himself, and then that downward hand, like a lightning rod buried in the ground, runs the energy into the earth. Into reality.

Pollack provides a few different meanings of The Magician. However, she urges to have deeper perspective, and says that we must not forget that the true magic lies in the images themselves and not the explanations.

Secondly, the Magician means will-power; the will unified and directed towards goals. It means having great strength because all your energy is channeled in a specific direction. People who seem always to get what they want in life are often people who simply know what they want and can direct their energy. The Magician teaches us that both will-power and success derive from being conscious of the power available to everyone. Most people rarely act; instead they react, being knocked from one experience to the next. To act is to direct your strength, through the will, to the places where you want it to go.
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According Arthur Edward Waite in The Pictorial Key to the Tarot The Magician is powered by all the elements and that makes him infinite, divine, almost holy-like.

This card signifies the divine motive in man, reflecting God, the will in the liberation of its union with that which is above. It is also the unity of individual being on all planes, and in a very high sense it is thought, in the fixation thereof. With further reference to what I have called the sign of life and its connection with the number 8, it may be remembered that Christian Gnosticism speaks of rebirth in Christ as a change “unto the Ogdoad.”

Creator of Shadowscapes deck Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, in the book Shadowscapes Tarot gives authenticity related qualities. She describes him as original, creative, skillful, strong, willful and self-confidant. He has support of all the elements.  Fire in his lantern, the voice of the Sea in the shell, a breath of Wind in the raven's feather, and Earth from the leaves. “He is taught and masters conjurings, summonings, bindings,” she writes.

Kathleen McCormack in Tarot Decoder explains that the card also represents self-awareness. Associated with Mercury, the planet of communication, The Magician also has skill with the written or spoken word, as well as a love for new ideas, and a willingness to take risks. It also implies a possible guidance by occult forces. Reversed card, author notifies, can mean trickery and misuse of psychic or occult powers.

McCormack writes:

The Magician; or Magus; juggles symbols of the four elements; the written word; willpower; and wisdom. […]The cup represents emotions and sex, the sword or knife willpower and intellect, the pentacle symbolizes the financial and physical aspects of life, and the rod or wand spirituality.

John Field in his book Ultimately Tarot also has the same explanation:  

On the table are the four symbols of the four Tarot suits, signifying that he has control of the four elements of natural life and creation, wands represent fire, cups represent water, swords represent air, and pentacles represent earth. […]The symbol of infinity is shaped like a figure eight and is an ancient Egyptian symbol of eternal life.

Field thinks that Magician can represent the need to take a unique approach to a problem to find solution, or maybe organise things in a unique but powerful way. Author says, “Magician is a teacher and a guide and urges us to control our path through life by gaining knowledge, and by using our creativity and willpower.” He also provides great explanation on Magician’s wand.

The wand represents the authority of the Self. It symbolises the “magical” powers that influence us, and to be aware of any external forces that needs controlling. The wand describes the movement from above to below, from Heaven to earth, from the nadir to the zenith and vice versa, it embraces spirit and provides a link between the higher and lower worlds. The Greeks considered the wand to represent destiny and fate. Numerically it is related to the number one.

“If we’re already clear about our path, then this card demands “no more procrastination.” Magical things will happen, but we must take the first steps!”  Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine in the book Big Book of Angel Tarot

Big Book of Angel Tarot authors believe that, “Magician teaches us that anything we can think up, we can create! This is the basic Law of Attraction. By visualizing our dreams and then taking action, we can have the life we want to live. This is perfect for The Magician, who can get anything done!”

The Magician represents the concept of “as above, so below”. […] The Magician wants to create something wonderful and worthy of “Heaven on Earth.”.
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